Celeb edition with Chase

Christinah Motlhabane

A leading light in the music industry since 1999, including a successful stint in South Africa, Solomon ‘Chase’ Mabutho is surely deserving of legendary status.

The 39-year-old Afro-pop performer has not just sung his way to the top, he has also helped numerous other artists chase their musical dreams.

Singer-songwriter, producer, manager, videographer, and the brains behind the label Born-Fella Records, Chase is truly a master of many trades.

What is your proudest achievement?

I was voted Best Music Producer and Best Artist at the Northern Arts Awards for three consecutive years.

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The other achievement is to see my artists growing, I produced Scavenger, Kalahari, and Stalu and their songs did well in the market.

And your biggest regret?

I can honestly say I do not have any regrets in the music industry.

But I can advise those who want to venture into the industry that before they go into the music they must go to school and do something else.

In Botswana, music cannot be a career, no one can survive with music only.

As you saw with Covid-19, many struggled, even the likes of Vee had to come up with other hustles.

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Myself, I do graphics, music videos, television adverts, sleeves, etc.

What do you do when no one is watching?

(Laughing) If I tell, it will be like I did it when people are watching so hey this question is very hard to answer.

What needs to be done to improve the music industry?

I think artists have to be given free education on how to sell their music online like on app stores and other platforms.

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We see music is no longer selling but if they can be able to sell online they can make money.

It seems like they do not trust the unions as they think they do not do things accordingly.

Have you ever been annoyed by an artist?

I don’t like an artist who drinks a lot knowing he is going on stage, it really bores me to the core.

Also, those who turn up to the studio drunk, so much so that even their tongue is heavy.

Another pet-hate is an artist who does not dress well on stage, they are letting their brand down.

Who is your favourite artist, both locally and internationally?

Locally, the artist who I have worked with and I believe is professional as he respects himself, is time conscious, dresses well, and takes the stage seriously is Scavenger. I feel he is the best artist in Botswana and his music is growing every day.

Internationally, the music I listen to is old music, I love country music and my best artist is Dolly Parton.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

(Laughing) My celebrity crush is Rihanna, let’s hope Chris Breeze does not hear this!

I like using her wallpaper on my computer when working.

Have you ever been involved in a street fight?

I grew up as a karateka which teaches discipline, so no I have not.

It teaches that when you fight back is when someone got to you deeply and I have not gone to that.

I am a Christian at St John so I believe that when one slaps you on the right cheek you give him the left cheek.

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Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I am a karateka
2. I like cartoons
3. I am a sprinter
4. I am a down to earth guy
5. I like traditional foods

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