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Bun in the oven

Goaba and Thato Zandile Mojakgomo’s wedding brought the whole city to a standstill with the who’s and who of Gaborone making in attendance.

Attendants were dressed to kill, the music was top notch and the bride and groom beautiful,but one thing that caught Shaya’s attention was Bawe’s bun in the oven.

Although she has been kept the good news under wraps, Shaya‘s prying eyes noticed.

Shaya would therefore like to congratulate the couple for another big achievement.

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Chillin' out

Gogo’ s controversial visit

Shaya has come across news that a controversial Sangoma or Traditional doctor who goes by the name Gogo Maweni will be in the country this weekend.

Having followed her social media posts, Shaya is wondering what the purpose of her visit is.

We know its elections time is here and desperate politicians and dubious healers and prophets would be cozing up to each other, so Shaya will be spying with Shaya’s little eye.

Gogo Maweni has stated that she will be selling her products here too but one wonders if those products have been BOMRA certified or not.

Shaya is not against Gogo Maweni but Shaya is asking as a concerned citizen.

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Chillin' out

BDP NYEC’s late endorsement

Botswana Democratic Party National Youth Executive Committee issued a statement this week endorsing Vice President, Slumber Tsogwane for BDP Chairmanship.

Shaya does not have a problem with it because it is their choice but Shaya could not help and wonder why the youth league took so long to show they support.

Could they be acting under duress? Shaya asks because after all Shaya knows whose faction the youth league belongs to.

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Chillin' out

Things they say

There are things that you share on social media platforms that can invite the enemy attack your life full force.

Life let us be careful with what we share, not everyone is praying for your success some are praying for your downfall-Pastor Peter Nkgakile

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