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Fresh fit for purpose

Leungo Mokgwathi
SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: Seabelo Modibe (L), Fresh (R)

Modibe defends veteran DJ’s Roadshow role

Since its first installment in September 2022, the DBS Roadshow has stirred mixed emotions, with some feeling its patron DJ Fresh, now living in South Africa, was the wrong person to head the show.

Instead, it was argued the platform should have been granted to young Batswana creatives.

In a recent media engagement, Total Music Group’s Seabelo Modibe was quick to spit on those sentiments, pointing out that the veteran DJ was the brains behind the whole project to start with.

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“Fresh came up with the DBS Roadshow concept, he legally owns the idea! It’s absurd that Batswana would expect a bidding for someone else’s idea.”

Modibe explained that in a bid to contribute to Botswana’s creative economy, which is where Fresh developed his iconic brand, the radio personality approached him with the idea of a talent show to celebrate the Department of Broadcasting Service’s (DBS) 30 years anniversary.

“With the help of a few experts, we drafted the proposal which was unfortunately shot down. But, a while later, perhaps after realising how marvellous and life changing the idea was, they decided to give the roadshow a shot.”

On the 8th February, DJ Fresh and his team will hit the road for the second time, as they look to unearth potential superstars across the entire country.

In the previous run, 30 young’uns emerged from the talent search, with the youngest participant being a seven-year-old guitarist.

Regrettably, since being shown to the world, most have vanished back into the shadows.

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However, a few successfully stuck their heads out, gaining recognition in the music industry. HRB Botizo is top of the list, alongside 10-year-old Magdah Camm and South African based producer, Mindset.

In a previous engagement with Voice Entertainment, Modibe remained unfazed by this, noting the talent unearthed was raw, which called for longer periods of refinement.

This year, the initiative will stretch across 31 districts with an aim to extend platforms through which local creatives can showcase their talents, regardless of where they are in the country.

Defining the criteria for selection of participants, Thato ‘DJ Fresh’ Sikwane explained the roadshow welcomes creatives across different fields such as musicians, poets, dancers etc…

“In every district, there will be one winner who will proceed to the bootcamp which will determine the Top 10. From there, they will contest for a brand new Polo VW, recording and management contract, one year worth of wardrobe sponsorship and many other prizes to be won by one winner.”

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