Celeb Edition with MC Shandy

Christinah Motlhabane

A relative newcomer to showbiz, the Tutume born, Letlhakane-based 33-year-old is fast making her mark.

Famed for her passion, confidence and energy, the Kalanga queen (real name Shandukani Mabika) comes alive on stage.

Having previously worked as a maid, MC Shandy aka ‘#babe ya di energy’ is now cleaning up with the mic…

When did you start MCing and what were you up to before?

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It was in November 2021 at Boteti Elevation festival, and I nailed it for a starter.

It came as a joke saying to myself, ‘I want to try this MC thing’.

Despite the nerves and fear, I managed.

Before that I was home nursing my sick mum as she was involved in a car accident.

I understand your big breakthrough came almost a year later – tell us about that?

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My breakthrough was after I bagged my first big gig at Kewa Boteti music fest in 2022 December.

I did not expect it.

On the flyer they wrote ‘surprise by an MC’, and I did not know they referred to me.

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I was overwhelmed to be between Silindile from South Africa and local legends like Franco and ATI just to mention a few.

You are now a recognizable face/voice at events in the north. How did you get to this point?

The comfortability I have with the microphone, audience and the confidence I shower spectators with keeps me going.

I am very comfortable when I am doing what I love, and I am good at dancing.

Celeb Edition with MC Shandy

I always bring positive and energetic vibes on stage and connect well with audience.

That is why I got the name ‘#babe ya di energy’.

As an MC at some of the hottest gigs in town you must get a lot of male attention – are you taken?

Yes, I am in a committed relationship of three years.

What challenges do you face as an MC?

The challenge I face most often is being delayed for hours at the gate by security because of not having a VIP section tag.

This happens a lot at big events.

I have to explain to them who I am; but I always stay calm and patient till the event organiser comes and solves it.

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Being an MC in Botswana is challenging because only a few people recognise the art of MCing and our entertainment industry is very small.

It takes time to find a gig.

What advice can you give to aspiring MC’s?

MCing is not an easy task but with passion nothing can stop one from doing it.

The stage needs confidence.

Rock that stage like you own it.

Do not be put-off by fans discouraging words.

What is your favorite song locally?

I love ‘Maloba’ by HanC.

It was released last year in June.

What is the saddest thing that happened to you on stage?

I nearly shed a tear when a fellow MC told me I cannot introduce a Lesotho artist on stage because I’m ‘too small’ to do that.

It hit me hard but did not make me lose the momentum that I portray on stage.

Oh tell us more, who was the artist?

Ntate Stunner and he was the only international artist.

My fellow MC called me behind the DJ deck and told me I am too small to introduce such a star.

It pained me but I gathered myself and quickly regained my composure.

Are you working this weekend?

Nope, this weekend I’m gig-free.

I’ll be home watching movies since the weather permits.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I do not drink alcohol
2. I have an 11-year-old daughter
3. I am a good singer
4. I pray a lot
5. I once worked as a maid

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