Celeb edition with Lalah Molosiwa

Leungo Mokgwathi
Lalah Molosiwa

Lalah Molosiwa is a familiar name in the world of dance, having performed for Han C, Khoisan and the African Queen Makhadzi!

Molosiwa recently debuted in the world of MC’ing and considering the number of gigs she is bagging, it seems she is a star at that as well.

After a crowd pumping performance at the recently held Miss Supranational Botswana, she caught up with The Voice Entertainment for a quick glimpse into her fast paced line of work.

How much of a thrill is the lifestyle of dance?

It’s draining and demanding!

You need to always be fit and prepared physically ,emotionally and mentally!

Celeb edition with Lalah Molosiwa

My least favourite part about it is the amount of time it steals from you, especially during the festive season, because I love going to church and spending it with my family.

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What is your favourite thing about dancing?

When I get my pay check! (laughs) Dancing excites me because I get to express myself, I get to let loose and be free.

Speaking of letting loose, people especially get excited over the energy and hype you bring to your performances, what inspires that?

Definitely my personality.

I am a naturally bubbly and jovial person and I make sure to bring my true self to the stage.

It is very important to connect with your audience and make sure you entertain them.

I get that you do it out of passion, but, is dancing a sustainable industry in BW?

Not entirely, but it is definitely growing.

Although at a snail’s pace, promoters and artists are starting to recognize our value and making attempts to pay us according to that value we bring.

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You recently added MC to your profile. Is it something you have always been into?

I have idolized the likes of Oratile Kefitlhile and Rea Kopi from a very young age.

I used to watch them and I dreamt of one day addressing people and hosting functions so elegantly.

I actually studied Broadcasting and Journalism which nourished the Public Speaker in me.

How do you prepare for an MCing gig?

Research! Research! Research! Don’t embarrass yourself by going on a stage when you haven’t prepared.

You need to know the topics to be discussed, as well as the type of audience you will be engaging with.

Do you ever have stage fright and if so, how do you deal with it?

I do! A loooooot!

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More so that I suffer from social anxiety!

I do a lot of meditation and it really works by calming me down.

If you could MC with anyone locally, who would you go for?

I would love to share a stage with Esther Siako and Oratile Kefitlhetse

What would your slogan be if you were a brand?

Believe it. Dream it. Make it happen!

Single or taken?

Taken, stay out of my DMs!

Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I have short term memory loss, so I forget quickly
  2. I suffer from general anxiety
  3. I’m actually shy
  4. I have a deferred speech , especially when I speak Setswana
  5.  I’m such a cry baby

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