Born and Raised braced for SA

Sharon Mathala
  • Six local entertainers set for Jozi gig

Their annual December extravaganza has proved to be a national hit, delivering one of the most popular and best attended music festivals in the country.

Now, the organisers of Born and Raised are taking the Serowe-based event up a notch.

In a bid to drum up international hype ahead of this year’s edition, the BnR team will take the brand beyond Botswana, starting with an activation in South Africa.

Themed ‘Cross Border Entertainment’, the history-making show is set for 1st October at Altitude Beach in Johannesburg and marks the first attempt by a local music event to launch itself outside Bots.

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Confirming the bold move, one third of the organising team, Goaba Mojakgomo told Voice Entertainment venturing into Mzansi opens up a whole new world of exciting opportunities.

“First of all the South African market is a huge market, one of the best in Africa and for one to make it in entertainment that is one of the markets to penetrate. This journey started with one of the fastest growing brands in South Africa, Banthu sneakers. Did you know we approached the sneaker line for a collaboration of limited edition sneakers which are currently out for sale?”

The vibrant shoe label consists of six different designs of sneakers in a variety of eye-popping colours.

As for the music, the Jozi gig will see six of Botswana’s finest musicians given the chance to shine as headline international acts.

“We always have South Africans headlining shows locally, even at Born and Raised in Serowe. This time out local guys will be headline acts,” exclaimed Mojakgomo.

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So far five out of the six slots have been filled, with ATI, Han C, DJ Benny T and Casper the DJ all lined up to perform while Leungo Pitse will be the MC of the night.

“We are yet to finilise the last spot because we are looking into having a female join the team. The main idea is to honestly give these talented guys a chance to shine.

They have proved themselves locally and with this opportunity we hope that they will either be spotted by brands and other promoters that side, which is likely to increase their chances of securing bookings,” explained Mojakgomo, who urged Batswana based in SA as well as locally to attend the show and support their countrymen.

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He further revealed they are considering providing a shuttle service from Gaborone to Johannesburg for those interested in attending the event and spending the weekend in Jozi.

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