Bus boss blasts rivals

Daniel Chida
BUSINESS AS USUAL: Lawa bus service

Lawa bus owner cries sabotage amid passenger fury

John Mengwe, owner of Lawa Bus Service, is accusing his competitors of using some of his clients to orchestrate his downfall.

Mengwe’ s remarks come after several complaints were laid against him by some customers who were on his recently burnt bus.

His Maun bound bus from Gaborone caught fire at Gamodubu police roadblock during the Easter holidays and two people lost their lives and many got injured and also lost their property.

Following the accident, a passenger who was affected said that a promise was made that they would be refunded for their loss. “Unfortunately, it has been weeks and all we got was ticket refund for bus fare, not the loss of property,” said a client.

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The client added that despite their numerous attempts to get hold of the bus owner, they have failed because they are always sent from pillar to post.

However, Mengwe dismissed the accusations saying he was doing everything he could to reimburse those affected. “The bus had 77 passengers and we have refunded 71 people, but I can tell you that more requests are coming in. People are taking advantage of the situation to make quick cash. The money reflecting on the books does not match the claims brought forward,” he said.

He added that some are asking to be refunded for the goods that were not even recorded in the bus book. “They loaded goods such as engines and generators without my knowledge and it’s a deal they had with the driver not us. Some paid loaders or conductors as personal deals between them and when I inquired, the conductor ran away, we are still looking for him.”

Mengwe noted that the fire report states that the bus had flammable items, but no one has come forward to make ownership of those flammable items.

He accused some of the operators of wanting to tarnish his business. “We as Lawa Holdings surrender all their traumatic experience to God and hope that one day we shall all find healing, physically, emotionally and psychologically and rise beyond measure through God’s grace,” he said.

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