How Magosi reacted to the Constitutional Bill

Bame Piet
Kgosi Rebecca Banika, Mosadi Seboko & Kgari Sechele

Right to Work – a complex one

The Constitutional Amendment Bill of 2024 reached the Ntlo ya Dikgosi this week where it was received with mixed reactions from the members of the House.

While some members were skeptical of some of the clauses, and the intentions of the Bill, others seemingly had no problem with the entire Bill and called for new clauses to include such as the Right to Shelter.

The House is however expected to come up with resolutions on their position and the way forward soon.

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Below are comments from some of the chiefs who made contributions to the debate.

Kgosi Tawana Moremi

I grew up among people of different cultures and beliefs, and I have no problem with Gays and Lesbians.

I have also travelled to several countries, been in this House and the National Assembly, and back here and have never been approached by anybody who is gay proposing love to me.

I have no problem if the Constitution recognizes them because they have same rights as everybody else and the courts have pronounced such.

“A gase gore re tlaabo re huhegela nopa ya bone?”

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How are you going to enforce the Right to Work, in this era of technological advances that are likely to replace humans in the workplace in the near future?

Kgosi Rancholo

Right to Work will put pressure on Government to fill vacancies in offices, there are shortage of teachers in schools whilst graduates are roaming the streets.

Right to Strike, this is complex because people have embarked on strike, only for the courts to say such strikes were unlawful and even getting dismissed from work.

The Right to strike should be protected.

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Kgosi Moalosi IV

Intersex and Disability – These can be taken to the Ministry of Health or Office of the President under Disability Policy before including it in the Constitution.

Kgosi Rebecca Banika

Right to Work is outdated and should be replaced with instilling a spirit of entrepreneurship.

For a long time we emphasized school and work for many years but the evidence is that there are no jobs.

Where are these people going to work? Will the security agencies be allowed to go on strike?

Let us not make laws out of anger and revenge – why should former presidents be prohibited from active politics?

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Kgosi Mosadi Seboko

It seems this process is being rushed over and is likely to create unintended consequences because many people do not understand what it is about.

Why are we told about 31 Districts and two Chiefs from each district? Doesn’t this amount to political interference in Bogosi issues.

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Dikgosi are not District leaders, they lead their people and every Motswana is welcome to settle in any district regardless of their origin.

To have two Chiefs from districts, even small ones is likely to cause confusion among the people.

Kgosi Kgari on Right to work

It is a welcome development, but someone may want to know what has been put in place to ensure that people realize and appreciate their right to work, especially looking at the current situation of high unemployment.

Kgosi Tshipe called for inclusion of the Right to Shelter saying it is equally important as the Right to Health, Education and Right to Work, and others.

However, the assistant Minister for State President Boitumelo Gofhamodimo explained that the concept of Right to Work prescribes that employment should be decent, habitable and conducive environment, decent wage that can boost one’s self esteem, and skills and capacity development during employment.

She further explained that this right includes one’s ability to accept or decline a job offer.

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