Burglars hit Reddy’s Group office

Kitso Ramono
BROKEN INTO: Reddy's Group of Companies head office INSET: Thapo

Old Naledi Police are investigating an incident in which Reddy’s Group of Companies, a corporation that operates a number of petrol stations around the country, was broken into by unknown burglars in the early hours of Monday in Phase IV.

“We got the call around 8 in the morning from Reddy’s employees reporting that their office was broken into, and we rushed to the scene where we found out that the front door was tempered with to gain access and certain gadgets were stolen,” Mike Gaoboe, Old Naledi Police Station Commander confirmed the incident.

Gaoboe said when they entered the facility with the employees, they discovered eight of the company’s computers valued P 28,800, including HP and Lenovo brands, as well as petty cash totaling P 2,500 stolen from the cash box.

With the intention of using the CCTV to locate the perpetrators who broke into the premises, they discovered that he was also clever enough to steal the digital video recorder (DVR) worth P 54 000, which is a device that converts signals from an analogue camera into a viewable digital format that can be saved on a hard drive.

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When asked about the security guard who was on duty, Gaoboe stated that the culprits broke in while the guard was making rounds through the property, which also houses other businesses.

“The burglar was clever since it appears he shattered the front door when the alarm went off and ran into hiding; when the alarm team and security guard arrived, they did not find any break ins. “When they left, he returned to finish what he started,” he explained.

When reached for a comment, Skhumbuzo Thapo, Operations Manager at Reddy’s Group of Companies, stated that the robbery had no impact on the company’s daily operations. “These are some of the challenges that we are always prepared for. The office got into operations just after the police cleared us, which took about 1hour 30minutes. We are already in contact with the relevant authorities being our insurance to make sure our business gets back to normality,” he said.

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