Buffalo warning

Kabelo Dipholo

A herd of buffaloes invade Dukwi, Mosetse, Lepashe area

About 200 buffaloes are reportedly sending panic in the Dukwi/Mosetse area after being spotted in drinking holes and private boreholes in the area. The animals were also spotted in Sowa, Sepako and Kopano mine.

The sighting of buffaloes was first reported on Thursday by motorists who saw them around the Sowa Town turn-off.

The herd has now made its way down south to Mosetse, Lepashe and the nearby cattle posts.

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In a brief interview with Voice Online, Mosetse Councilor Ntsima Mctean Jimane said residents were caught off-guard by the arrival of the unpredictable mammals.

For people just getting accustomed to dealing with elephants, Jimane said buffaloes posed a different danger.

“One buffalo was killed on Sunday along the Mosetse river. This is a serious concern because they’re now invading people’s cattleposts,” he said.

Wildlife Regional Officer Phemelo Gadimang also told Voice Online that the migration of buffaloes in search of water is an annual occurrence.

He said the migration usually happens in October , with the destination being a water hole in Sepako village.

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“We’ve no idea why they migrated this early and unfortunately the water hole in Sepako has dried up, and I think that’s why they proceeded south,” said Gadimang.

Gadimang said wildlife officers are keeping an eye on the herd and working hard to drive them away.

Botswana Police has also issued a warning to members of the public about the roaming buffaloes.

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The public and motorists using the A3 are advised to be vigilant at all times as the animals might pose a danger to their lives.

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