BPF faction goes ahead with ‘illegal gathering’

Daniel Chida

The much talked about meeting of the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF)’s Concerned group will go ahead as planned in the mining town of Selibe-Phikwe next Saturday.

The group, which has changed itself from Concerned group to, ‘Mahundred Percent’ has been sending voice note messages through social media inviting interested members to attend the meeting in large numbers.

In one of the messages, members are asked to come in their numbers so that they can interact with the BPF Patron and Former President, Ian Khama.

It is said that Khama will address the meeting through a big screen which will be beaming live. “You will also have the opportunity to interact with him and ask questions on anything that you want,” group Spokesperson, Motlhalefi Dikomang.

Dikomang also confirmed to this publication that indeed preparations for their, ‘Big’ event were ongoing, however whatever will be discussed there cannot be shared until then.

” In his past interview with this publication, Dikomang made it public that his group wanted Khama as the President of BPF because they know and trust his intelligence and ability to lead them to victory.

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“Khama is someone who can negotiate with other opposition parties for a pact and he is prepared to help us with sponsors or fund the party himself if there is need.”

He further confirmed that if the suspended BPF members were not reinstated with immediate effect they would be left with no choice but to form a new party away from the BPF. Standing by their word, the group released another statement on Wednesday just before press time, saying, the Phikwe event will be used to launch a party and elect its Executive Committee and also decide on other logistics necessary for the dispensation. ” We believe that if you want to build a great team, create an environment where someone can raise their hand and say, ‘I disagree’ without any fear of victimisation or termination. The current atmosphere at BPF is toxic and we tried to bring it to normalcy and failed.”

Meanwhile, the BPF President, Biggie Butale has distanced his party from the group saying there is no party activity that will be held in Phikwe. “If there is any party event, our regulated structures within the party will issue statements, anything apart from that should not be entertained,” he said.

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