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Bangwato royals to announce preferred Regent

Daniel Chida
DEFIANT: Bangwato tribesmen at the last kgotla meeting

The longstanding dispute between the government and Bangwato royals over the use of the Bangwato Kgotla in Serowe is set to escalate this Saturday, as the royal uncles plan to convene a meeting to announce their chosen Regent.

Despite their initial request to use the kgotla being rejected, the uncles remain resolute in proceeding with the announcement, seeking to replace Kgosi Serogola Seretse.

In response to the uncles’ request, Acting Regent Serogola Seretse, in a letter dated November 21, 2023, conveyed that the main kgotla in Serowe was unavailable on the proposed date and time.

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However, in what he viewed as an attempt to frustrate their efforts, one of the royal uncles- Kgosi Rasebolai Mojampo Kgamane, emphasized that Serogola’s response does not dissuade them, asserting that the kgotla belongs to their Paramount Chief, Ian Khama and Morafe, not Serogola.
Kgosi Kgamane urged members of Bamangwato and the community at large to attend the meeting, asserting their right to determine their future leader.

He highlighted past denials of their right to use the kgotla and emphasized their proactive approach in seeking permission well in advance through written requests.

Khama, in the past, has indicated his non-recognition of Kgosi Serogola as his representative, while the government remains adamant in maintaining him in the position.
The previous regent, Kgosi Sediegeng Kgamane, was relieved of his duties by the government in 2022, citing politically motivated participation in Kgotla meetings.

Last year, community elders clashed with the police as they sought to use the Kgotla without government approval.

Despite gaining access to the kgotla building, they were only able to conduct a brief prayer and briefing before being forced out by the police.

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