Sehube fights mental health stigma through a book

Daniel Chida
MENTAL HEALTH AWAKENING: Tumo Sehube's 'I Too Thought I Was Out'

Tumo Sehube, a French teacher and businesswoman has written a book about something that she is passionate about, mental health advocacy.

In her book titled, I Too Thought I Was Out, Sehube shares her personal journey battling health issues, shining a light on the ignorance, stigma, and apathy that often shroud the mental health topic.

“Through raw honesty, the book delves into my struggles with triggers, relationships with family, step family, colleagues and intimate connections as well as my journey through denial, acceptance, medication, and ultimately my triumphant emergence from the depths of depression into the resilient woman that I am today,” she says.

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She added that the main objective is to help navigate trauma, depression and abuse to find strength and redemption.

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