Bad blood


Vee and Kagiso roll up sleeves as custody battle looms

Celebrity couple, Odirile Vee Sento and his wife, Kagiso Sento’s dirty social media fight is expected to get mucky when they clash over parenting rights to their minor children, aged 15 and 6 years respectively.

A Maun High Court is yet to set a date for the warring couple’s divorce, which is expected to draw quite a crowd when the duo trade counter-accusations of infidelity and violence to substantiate their grounds for the split.

Vee, who filed for divorce to end their eight-year long marriage on September 29th, maintains that his parents are the most suitable caretakers of the children as they have been doing so for the past few years while he and Kagiso were trying to salvage what was left of their ailing matrimony.

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In a writ of summons before justice Godfrey Nthomiwa, Vee through his attorneys, Agatha Ray Legal, stated that, “It will be in the best interest of the minor children that custody be awarded to the plaintiff’s parents. The plaintiff’s parents have been the minor children’s primary caretakers of the first born since 2008 and the second born since 2020.”

The first child is a boy doing Form Two and the youngest is a girl doing Standard One and, according to their dad’s attorney, it will be in their best interest if they remain with the his parents. “This is in the best interest of the minor children as they have not lived with the parties due to the toxicity of the parent’s relationship and also maintaining the children’s status quo and not disrupting their lives.”

The court dates are expected to be set any time from this week.

The two got married in a lavish wedding ceremony in May 2014 in Kanye, in community of property, but changed the marriage regime in March this year to out of community of property.

“For the past years, the plaintiff would flee the matrimonial home seeking residence from friends’ homes and hotels and then return to the parties’ matrimonial home when the parties had reconciled,” added the attorneys.

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In fact, at the time of filing the case, Vee was said to have been staying in a hotel for the past four weeks while Kagiso remained at the matrimonial home in Phakalane in the greater Gaborone area.

“The marriage between the plaintiff and the defendant has broken down irretrievably on account of the defendant’s unreasonable behaviour. This unreasonable behaviour has made it unbearable for the plaintiff to continue living with the defendant. Moreover, the plaintiff cannot be reasonably expected to continue living with the defendant,” further reads the writ of summons in part.

The alleged unreasonable behaviour by Kagiso, according to the summons, is that she often physically assaults Vee whenever they have disagreements. In one instance, she is said to have hit him while trying to flee from her blows and he ended up in hospital where he was given an injection.

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Further, Kagiso is said to habitually consume intoxicating substances excessively and end up fighting with her husband, ending with the police being called to intervene.

Another matter that Vee indicated has killed his love for Kagiso and destroyed their marriage is her alleged infidelity, which he claims to have evidence of.

Kagiso was given at least 21 days to have shown cause why the matter cannot proceed.


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