Armed robbers get away with half a million Pula

Maun police are still in search of three men who robbed Choppies store at the town’s new mall and a currency exchange bureau that is housed with the store this past Saturday.

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Officer commanding for District 5 policing area, Peter Gochela confirmed that they are still in search of the armed robbers who allegedly escaped with the loot in a black Honda Fit.

“They wore face masks therefore nobody has successfully identified them as yet,” Gochela said

Although the robbery were caught on the store cameras, Gochela said the men were putting on long coats and it was not easy to even see their body structure.

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“We are pleading with anyone who may have seen them to come forth,” pleadedthe top cop.

In a robbery akin to a scene from an action movie, the three men are said to have walked in to the store, with two machetes and a gun and ordered everyone to drop face down to the ground.

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They then proceeded to empty the tills, a cash collection totalling to around P35000. When they were done with Choppies loot the men are said to have attacked the bereau de change and ordered the manager to open the safe for them.

“One of the workers is said to have taken the keys and opened the safe to take away cash in different denominations amounting to almost half a million Pula; P12000, R100 000, USD 671 and 3120 Euros,” Gochela explained.

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Meanwhile the police have also not yet made any arrest in another robbery in which a security company was robbed of a cash box carrying P165 605 belonging to Fours Cash and Carry store in Maun.

The incident that happened last year November was executed just outside bank ABC where the guards were to deposit the cash in the early evening hours, just around the same time with Choppies robbery, which happened around 19:00 hours.

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The men are said to have snatched the money at gun point from the two guards and escaped in a royal blue Honda Fit.

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