Another cop commits suicide

Daniel Chida
DECEASED: The General

I want to hug Jesus-The General tells friends before killing himself

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Botswana Police are investigating another case in which one of their officers, a 34 -year- old Inspector committed suicide on Monday night by hanging.

According to his friends who decided to speak on condition of anonymity, Teko Mohabano who was popularly known as The General among Rock and Roll fanatics once complained of debts but did not show signs of being suicidal.

The friends said that even over the weekend the ever smiling General was drinking with them just like any other day.

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However, he is said to have told his friends that he wanted to hug Jesus.

“If you know how we speak you would understand when one says he wants to hug Jesus, it means he wants to commit suicide. We have brothers who said those words before and went on to commit suicide,” said one of his friends.

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The General’s words did not sit well with some of his buddies and when asked why he wanted to hug Jesus he said, “Its a tour to Jesus, I have debts.”

On Monday drove some of his friends to Tlokweng before driving to his house in Block 5, Gaborone where he was seen cutting a wire from the washing line.

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“We suspect that he used the same wire to hang himself near Mmopane farms,” said the friend.

Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Dipheko Motube refused to be drawn into discussing the matter except to confirm that there was a suicide they were still investigating in Gaborone.

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“It is still a fresh matter which we cannot discuss much as we are still investigating,”Motube said.

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