Young man kills teenage girlfriend, then hangs himself

Francinah Baaitse
MOURNING: Jobo family

The family of a teenage girl suspected to have been killed by her partner in Mochaba settlement last week is clueless as to what could have led a young man in love to kill and then take his own life.

Devastated by the young couple’s sudden demise, Kebeetsweng Jobo said it is hard for them to find closure as they don’t know what transpired on the night his 18 year old niece; Ketshephileone Jobo was killed inside her boyfriend’s tent as the two witnesses are now deceased.

Ketshephileone was allegedly killed by her 28 year old boyfriend, Onkabetse Sarefo and later committed suicide by hanging.

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“We are all in shock and it is a very difficult time for all of us. We’ve so many questions, ut the only two people who can provide answers are dead,” said a visibly distraught 66 year old Jobo.

Narrating how the news was broken to him, Jobo said his two teenage nieces and a nephew arrived at his yard around 11am on Saturday wearing long gloomy faces.

“It was as if they’d just encountered a monster. They were fidgety and shifted uncomfortably before finally mustering the courage to deliver the terrible news,” he said.

He further said said they immediately dashed to Rapena’s place which is a short walking distance from his place, and arrived to find a curious gathering of villagers.

“All first aid attempts by some good Samaritans failed. She couldn’t be resuscitated. We called the police and she was certified dead upon arrival at the hospital,” he said.

He said a section of the crowd then followed Sarefo’s footprints where they found him hanging from a tree, not very far from his house.

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“Unfortunately he left no suicide not,” Jobo added somberly.

A distraught Ketshephileone’s elder sister, 23 year old Onthusitse Jobo revealed to The Voice that the couple used to fight a lot especially when they were they returned from their drinking sprees.

“They stayed together with the boyfriend’s family. They however did not have a room of their own so slept in a tent,” she said, further stating that the night before her murder, she went out with her sister for a couple of drinks.

“Sarefo was not there, but I can tell you that my sister was really intoxicated,” she told The Voice.

The incident was confirmed by Maun Police Station Commander Dennis Zilawe, whom painted a picture of a family that had accepted Ketshephileone as part of the family.

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Young man kills teenage girlfriend, then hangs himself

“The young couple and the parents had breakfast together every morning, but on tat particular day the couple was nowhere to be found,” Zilawe told The Voice.

“We are unsure whether it’s suicide or murder, and if it was murder who did it and why,” he said.

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