WUC employees in corruption charges

Bame Piet

The Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC), has slapped two high-ranking employees of Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) with multiple charges of corruption and abuse of office.

The corruption busting agency uncovered compelling evidence suggesting the involvement of Timothy Mudongo and Rebaone Letsatle in illicit activities with Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited, a Chinese company engaged by WUC for wastewater treatment and sewer operations at the Glen Valley water station.

Mudongo, a WUC engineer allegedly received undue benefits, including having a house located at Plot 37105, Block 8, rented for him by the Chinese firm. He was the project engineer when the water project started in August 2019.

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Among the charges brought against him, count 2 pertains to an additional property at Plot number 57669, Block 10, Gaborone.

This property allegedly came into his possession in March 2022 and was again linked to Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited, the company responsible for water treatment activities at Glen Valley.

Further accusations have emerged regarding Mudongo’s receipt of a sponsored vacation at Cresta Mowana Lodge in Kasane, with expenses covered by Beijing Water Group Limited.

These alleged transgressions underscore the extent of the suspected improprieties involving the Chinese company.

Letsatle, the second accused in the matter was the project manager overseeing the Glen Valley water project and is alleged to have enjoyed similar benefits.

Her residence at Plot 9735, Partial, Gaborone, was reportedly provided by Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited.

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Moreover, Letsatle is said to have partaken in a vacation at Cresta Mowana Lodge in Kasane, with expenses borne by the Chinese company.

The accused individuals appeared before the Extension II Magistrates Court last Tuesday and their next appearance is scheduled for November, at which point further legal proceedings will unfold.

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