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WUC defends its billing system

Kabelo Adamson

Water Utility Corporation (WUC) came under fire this week when it was accused for billing its customers with unrealistic water bills for domestic use.

Complaints that were raised were mainly for customers who feel WUC is now resorting to unorthodox methods of profit making.

Customers complain that the water utilities parastatal is robbing them daylight of their hard earned money as some received over P65, 000 worth of monthly bills.

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One Mogoditshane resident recalls how she was slapped with a P45, 000 water bill for domestic use back in December and upon enquiry says she was told there could be some leaks in her pipes.

This week, frustrated members of the public took to social media to air their frustrations on what they say is a rip-off by WUC.

Meanwhile, WUC has defended its water tariffs saying they depend on meters placed at customers’ premises to determine water usage or consumption, and to convert the data into bills.

Responding to The Voice enquiries this week, the corporation’s Corporate Communications Manager, Beauty Mokoba, said it must be noted that the customer has 24/7 and 365 days access to this meter, and therefore can track and determine own consumption.

“In the event we do not have access to a property for meter reading do determine actual consumption, WUC can estimate for that period, water consumption based on previous consumption trends, which will be later normalized when actual readings are acquired,” she explained in an emailed response.

She explained that key to note is that, this normalization of consumptions can result in recalculation of the bill either upwards or downwards, adding that the WUC remains transparent in addressing water consumption matters.

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