Woman kills boyfriend and hangs herself

Portia Mlilo

Police in Palapye are investigating a case in which a woman is suspected to have murdered her boyfriend before committing suicide by hanging herself from the roof rafters.

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The incident is said to have happened on the 27th and the dead bodies of the couple were found at their house on the 28th around 1830hrs.

It is alleged that the two had a misunderstanding before their deaths as a suicide note was discovered at the crime scene.

The man was 40 years while the woman was 38.

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Speaking to The Voice, N0.2 District Officer Commanding- Senior Superintendent Paul Oketsang, said they received a call from someone saying his cousin was missing and that his phone ring unanswered.

He said the reporter said he went to the cousin’s house and saw a swarm of flies on his house windows.

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He said when the police entered the house they found the man lying on the floor with a deep cut at the back of his head while the woman was hanging from the rafters.

“The man’s hands were tied with a scarf. The two were rushed to the hospital where the doctors certified them dead. The investigations are ongoing but so far we discovered a note which shows that the author was the woman. She indicated that they had a misunderstanding after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She also apologised to both their families for her actions and hurting them,” said Oketsang.

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Officer Commanding Oketsang said cases of deaths are worrisome in his policing area.

He said from January to December this year alone in N02 District which include Maunatlala, Serule, Serowe and Palapye they registered 45 murder cases.

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He said in most cases it is men who kill. Oketsang said they also have 29 threat to kill cases and 597 assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

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