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Who fouled the air?

Kabelo Dipholo
AN EYESORE: Dumping site

A foul stench hangs in the air in the scenic Manxotae village, just 25 kilometres north-east of Nata. The nauseating smell which gets worse in the evening has become a source of agitation for residents of the small village and its leadership.

According to the Village Development Committee (VDC) Chairperson Bob Zibane, his committee is inundated with complaints from villagers about the terrible stench and filth caused by an old dumping site in the village.

“The dumping site was closed a couple of years ago from recommendations by the council since it was on the East side of the village, instead of the West side as is the norm,” Zibane told The Voice.

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The VDC Chairperson said, just recently the site is back in use again as Nata, whose dumping site is full is throwing its waste at the old Manxotae site.

This according to Zibane, has not gone down well with villagers whom he said were not consulted about the sudden turn of events.

Who fouled the air?

“It is bad. We’re suffocating and our livestock is exposed to all manner of hazardous stuff,” he said.

Zibane said the dumpsite is too small, and a health hazard to residents of Manxotae and their livestock.

“What people need here are developments, not rubbish,” fired Zibane.

His sentiments were shared by area Councillor, Malebogo Batsie who told The Voice that the decision by the council to dump Nata’s waste in Manxotae shocked her. She said they were still awaiting a response from Council after submitting an application for the relocation of the dumping site.

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“We were shocked when this week, waste trucks from Nata arrived to dump here.”

She said, there was a valid reason why it was decided that the site be relocated, which unfortunately the council chose to ignore when it made the decision to reopen it for use.

“It is too close to the village, it’s not fenced and on the wrong side,” she said.

According to Batsie the site should be at least 10km from the nearest residential area.

‘This site is right on the roadside in the middle of the village,” charged Batsie.

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“It’s also located within the grazing area, which is creating another problem for farmers,” Batsie further disclosed.

The councillor said together with some residents, and the VDC they have called on Council to stop dumping in the village.

“The Environmental Officials must do something. This is a health hazard, and unacceptable,” Batsie said.

Who fouled the air?
NOT AMUSED: Councilor Batsie
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