Hit-and-run turns tragic

ACCUSED: Thuso Dimmere

A traditional doctor accused of a fatal hit-and-run, which caused the death of an on-duty traffic cop, appeared before Molepolole Magistrates’ Court last week for the continuation of his trial.

The suspect, Thuso Dimmere, 48, is facing a total of three charges, including: causing death by driving a motor vehicle whilst unfit to drive through drinks or drugs, failure to stop after an accident and driving without a licence.

When breathalysed, the Thamaga native was reportedly found to be more than two times over the drink-drive limit, his alcohol sample measuring 126mg per 100ml when the law only allows 50mg per 100ml.

Dimmere’s woes date back to the morning of 2nd January 2022, when he allegedly failed to stop at a roadblock along the Molepolole/Thamaga road, near the bus rank in Matsila ward.

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In his haste to drive away, Dimmere is said to have crashed his silver BMW into Sub Inspector, Goitseone Mogale, who was manning the blockade.

Testifying before court, the dead man’s colleague, Sergeant, Tshepiso Monageng, revealed she was on duty with Mogale on the fateful day.

Speaking in hushed tones, she explained the trouble started soon after they set-up the roadblock, at around 8:45am, adding they had both been wearing full police uniform with reflectors

“Sub Inspector Mogale went on the road near the yellow line and I saw him lifting up his arm, I realised that he was stopping a car from the north direction. The motor vehicle slowed down; I thought it was stopping but the driver didn’t stop and hit Sub Inspector Mogale, who fell on the windscreen as the motor vehicle continued in motion. He finally fell on the road as the car continued in motion,” she narrated.

Monageng admitted she was in a state of shock seeing her colleague lying motionless on the ground but was quickly roused into action by a motorist, who advised her to follow the fleeing car while he remained at the scene.

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“I then left Special Constable Mokhai at the scene and followed the motor vehicle, which was travelling at high speed,” continued Monageng, adding during the chase she called her boss to send back-up, all the while flicking her red lights because the siren was not working.

“I followed the car till we reached Maradu ward about two-and-a-half kilometres from the scene.”

She told court that upon arrival outside Dimmere’s place, the suspect got out of his car and asked her if she was stopping him, which she confirmed she was.

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However, according to Monageng’s testimony, he proceeded to turn his back on her, open his gate and park up inside.

At that point, she drove back to pick up two of her male colleagues who had been sent to assist her but were following on foot.

The drama reportedly continued when the three cops approached the yard, only for Dimmere to allegedly make a break for it, leading to run chase that lasted for nearly 5km!

With a further five witnesses still to take to the stand, the trial resumes on 26 June, with Dimmere, who has pleaded not guilty, out on bail.

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