What’s in a royal name?

Daniel Chida

Bakwena and Morwaeng clash over use of Neal Sechele’s name

Member of Parliament for Molepolole South, Kabo Morwaeng has irked some Bakwena tribesmen and the community by suddenly adopting the late chief, Neal Sechele, as his second names.

Although he campaigned as Kabo Morwaeng, his names have since appeared as Kabo Neal Sechele Morwaeng in the government papers.

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The controversial change of names seems to have rubbed a certain section of the Bakwena community the wrong way to the extent that some feel that Morwaeng should be called to order.

The former Bakwena regent, Kgosikwena Sechele in an interview confirmed that he has been confronted by a number of people who were disturbed by Morwaeng’s name change.

“People have been approaching me saying we should call Morwaeng to order but I referred them to the Paramount Chief, Kgosi Kgari Sechele because if I approach him some will think I am politicizing the issue. Morwaeng is not related to Sechele and his decision to use Sechele’s names is shocking,” said Kgosikwena a relative of both Morwaeng and Sechele.

“The two are not related at all and what Morwaeng has done is an insult to the chieftaincy. He must stop it,” Kgosikwena warned.

However, Kgosi Kgari refused to be drawn into discussing the matter saying he has not yet received any complaints from the public about Morwaeng’s name change.

“Regarding whether they are related or not, I think Morwaeng should be the best person to comment,” said Kgosi Kgari.

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Morwaeng however refused to comment. The Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration Minister responded with, “No Comment,’ after this publication sent him a questionnaire.

Neal Sechele was a Bakwena Chief until 1970 when he was compelled to resign following issues of negligence of duty and abuse of alcohol leveled against him.

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