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Stranger than fiction

Sinqobile Tessa
OF INTEREST: Mugabe’s remains

Our leaders never cease to amaze.

If talks doing rounds that the regime wants to exhume the remains of the late former President Robert Mugabe for economic revival purposes are anything to go by, then we are certainly doomed as a nation.

A politician and relative of Mugabe, Jealous Mawarire tweeted last week about attempts by the regime to exhume the former’s remains for re-burial at the National Heroes Acre, where most notable liberation war heroes are buried.

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Mugabe, who died in September 2019, would presumably have been buried there had he not been removed in a coup by his former close allies.

Out of anger and bitterness, he reportedly told his family he should instead be laid to rest at his rural home in Zvimba.

He also instructed that his body be closely guarded round the clock so his former comrades never get a chance to harvest some of his body parts for ritual purposes.

Fast forward to May 2021, there are reports the current leadership wants him reburied as they believe that would help turn around the country’s fortunes; strange isn’t it?

“The Junta-PF coup govt has run out of ideas on turning around the economy and bizarrely, Idhii now believes exhuming Pres Mugabe remains will turn around the fortunes of his beleaguered govt. Consequently a CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) operation to exhume RGM’s remains has been set in motion…” tweeted Mawarire.

I would have dismissed this story if I did not know the kind of leaders we have, leaders who believe in witchcraft, juju and so much in spirit mediums.

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Mugabe’s fears are a clear indication he knew what they did to the bodies of other people and Mugabe being Mugabe didn’t want the same done to him.

Talking of spirit mediums; reminds me how some years back a self proclaimed spirit medium duped Mugabe and his cabinet into believing she had discovered a rock that oozes diesel and that her discovery would put an end to the country’s fuel shortages.

An entourage of ministers visited the site and were even made to remove their shoes at the ‘sacred place’.

It later turned out it was scam as the woman had filled a fuel tanker with diesel, attached a pipe and concealed it at the top of a rock.

At a signal, a hidden accomplice would open the tap on the pipe and the cabinet ministers would watch in amazement and joy as diesel poured down the rock.

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In their lack of wisdom, they believed the diesel was from the country’s ancestors.

The gullible leadership then showered the woman with lavish cars and gifts.

By the time they discovered it was all fake, the government had already lost millions of dollars.

Just goes to show the kind of leadership that we have.

So I am not surprised really that they now believe exhuming Mugabe would do this country good.

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