Watch out for Laban

Kabelo Dipholo
INSPIRATIONAL: Banda's new book

A Bible’s practical guide to escaping workplace bondage

Controversial and inspirational at the same time, the Bible remains the best selling book in history, with sales estimated to be well over five billion.

The sacred teachings of the holy book have inspired many great spiritual leaders, philosophers, philanthropists, singers and writers of note.

One such is author Melody Banda, who has just published a book titled ‘Watch out for Laban’.

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In this book, the author strips the scriptures bare, and sheds a spotlight on the story of Laban, the son of Bethuel on Genesis 24.

In her book Banda compares Laban to business dealers or employers who sign agreements that say something, but their hearts mean something else, employers whose contracts are based on lies and deceit.

“Laban is one who works in the dark and preys on people’s trust,” writes Banda.

The author was decoding the story of Laban and his nephew Jacob.

In the famous Biblical story, Laban goes into a contractual agreement with his nephew (Rebekah’s son), that he’d work for him for seven years, and in return Jacob would marry his youngest daughter Rachel.

This was after Laban uttered the words in verse 15: “Just because you’re my relative, should you work for me for nothing? Tell me what shall your wages be.”

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The author sees this as manipulation by employer Laban, a tricky sweet talker who lures you into something knowing that his motives are wrong and wicked.

“If you really don’t know the person you’re about to contract with, ask general but vital questions from those that know the person. Clearly Jacob didn’t know Laban,” explains Banda.

The author states that Jacob let down his guard believing his uncle had his best interests at heart and focused on his job, with his sights on Rachel.

However, Laban would show his true colours when after seven years, Jacob demanded his price. While a wedding celebration were held during the day, at night Laban took Leah, his first born daughter to Jacob’s house.

An excited Jacob proceeded to have sex with her, thinking it was Rachel.

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Unbeknown to him Laban had always planned not to honour his contract, but to give him his first born daughter who was cock-eyed.

This is a book with great revelations about character detection and discernment, through careful observation of an oppressive and dishonest Biblical figure.

The author hails from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

She relocated to Botswana in 2003 and is married to Pastor Rabson Banda, and the two have two kids.

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