Chillin Out Friday January 09,2024

L-R: Manake, DJ Bunny, Molefe & Quin of Laughter


Valentine’s is around the corner, and it seems DJ Bunny has developed a little FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), thereby landing himself a thick yellow haired hun.

Clearly, after showing each other dust, he and Nazneen are now doing the no face no case challenge, which is a good idea in case things don’t go well.

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Shaya however, recently learnt a thing or two about Bunny’s new gal and it seems he has a thing for bad bad girls.

While Bunny was busy showing off her beautifully carved behind, thickums was seen strolling around town with a tall, dark skinned gent-who clearly wasn’t our jolly Bunny.

Maybe it’s just a friend? With city huns, anything is possible so Bunny better make sure he is not getting played.


Whoever thought the people’s favorite Miss Botswana would cause us so much heartache?

Without any consultation, our dear Mampali decided to move on and apparently find love, and the men in this country are devastated.

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The women as well, feel betrayed.

I suppose in our eyes, she was our forever Princess, but now she has left the nest to explore the world around her.

Should he break her heart, that gent will face the wrath of this entire country, and Shaya does not want to be in his shoes.


Beauty Manake was certainly one of the best dressed at this year’s budget speech.

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Kudos to her stylist for that Michelle Obama outfit.

Shaya was however disappointed to see our lady showcasing her look on Facebook, while the delivery of the budget speech was on.

You looked stunning, but couldn’t you have waited? Or do you count yourself among those who attend the budget speech for the dressing up and not necessarily for all the huge figures and business talk?


Someone quickly tell Shaya what exactly is the Quin of Laughter’s relationship status because it is really confusing.

At one point, she was married, her apparent divorce was put out there, and interestingly, she still has her wedding ring on.

Is she divorced and in denial, or has she and Max bae worked things out behind the scenes?

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