Gentlemen’s winter essentials

Khoi Fro

Fashion for the truly stylish has become even more experimental and exciting! How does one navigate this winter without putting any

effort? Here is an essential style advice from me on how to make use of what you already have in your wardrobe.

Sometimes all you need is a different combination to elevate your fashion and creative ways to see out the cold months.

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Moreover, a tweak to your usual colour wheel is the easiest way to light up dull outfits, particularly in winter.

For example, if red is one of your spring favourite colour to don, then burgundy is a great colour to transition to.

An overcoat, makes all the difference infact all wears from trench coats, blazers to jackets.

Gentlemen’s winter essentials

Here to show you how to incorporate basics is Gabriel.

Gabriel Akinosho is a consistent style blazer of note.

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He ushers in winter fashion in a simple but attention gawking dapper winter essentials- from the overcoat to the turtleneck. Its simplicity

and effectiveness is in the colour, texture and the only fashion accessories he opted for – shades and hats.

Nothing makes an outfit more dapper than a clean savvy, overcoat or structured blazer paired with a turtle neck.

Nothing takes an outfit to top notch that a texture and print.

Gentlemen’s winter essentials

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Set the template for the #menswear movement for this winter with such a flamboyant, most enduring colour palette and luxury basics.

Like Gabriel,pair the everyday man’s armour with a rollneck, navigating the most dapper touch of suiting –smart-casual hybrid styling.

You can never go wrong with luxurious soft tailoring which has an ease of style of the mid-century jet set.

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