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Violent man gets suspended sentence

Francinah Baaitse
SENTENCED: Moagedi Masake

In a tense courtroom scene at the Maun Customary Court, 36-year-old Moagedi Masake of Boseja ward confronted the prospect of imprisonment, visibly distressed and tearful.

The presiding Kgosi Ledimo informed Masake that he would be immediately sent to Boro Prison upon the conclusion of the court session.

Masake faced a single charge of assaulting a police officer, stemming from an incident on Christmas eve at his family home in Maun.

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The charge was brought forward by his mother, Kago Masake, who reported property damage allegedly caused by Masake.

Upon police arrival, Masake was found asleep in his room, and his mother pointed out the damaged property, including broken glass.

During the arrest, Masake resisted and, after being handcuffed, head-butted one of the police officers on the cheek, leading to the assault charge.

Detective Johane, the investigator, provided an account of the incident, stating, “After being handcuffed, he head-butted one of the police officers on the cheek, and the officer filed a complaint, and an assault charge was issued against Masake.”

Despite pleading guilty to the assault charge, Masake contended that the head-butt was accidental, not intentional.

However, the court found him guilty based on his admission.

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He received a suspended three-month jail term.

Kgosi Ledimo, realiSing Masake’s confusion about the suspended sentence, clarified, “This means from here, you are not going home. You are going straight to Boro Prison. I could have given you a five-year maximum sentence, but having listened to your mitigation and your side of the story, I will only give you three months in jail.” He added, “The sentence is suspended for four months.”

Masake and his mother sighed with relief as Kgosi Ledimo elaborated on the meaning of a suspended sentence.

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