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Chillin Out Friday January 19, 2024

L-R: Motaso & Gabonamong


General Motaso’s foul mouth has reportedly landed him in the wrong end of a defamation case against one BDP Activist.

Now, this information has not been verified, with some calling it another one of his pathetic stunts however, it wouldn’t surprise Shaya if someone decided to take action against the young man who never falls shy of hurling insults to anyone with different views from his.

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Chillin Out Friday January 19, 2024
Court Letter

While we’re on the subject of Forex Traders, according to the grapevine, some Forex empires are allegedly crumbling, with some now house-hopping and crashing with friends, unable to afford decent accommodation.

Shaya finds it interesting that the General prefers recording his venting sessions in his car all the time.

Could just be his preference though.


We all have our parenting preferences, as well as how best to show affection to our children, Shaya gets that, however, it seems to many people, some love gestures should simply be off limit.

A video of Mogogi Gabonamong kissing his daughters launched World War III with some arguing that the kiss was over the top.

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Shaya prefers to reserve his comments about such subject matters relating to parenthood, however, it is bothersome how social media sexualizes everything these days.

Some people were clearly projecting their parental issues and nothing else though.


Remember when the internet decided to stop taking Steve Harvey’s advice on love and relationships, simply because his daughter Lori Harvey was the opposite of what a real woman should act like according to the advice her father dished out on his weekly tv show? Well, the nation of Botswana has suffered a heart breaking disappointment after our trusted life coach Goitseone Bakani of Life Matters, was exposed for allegedly dicthing his long term girlfriend for another woman.

How hypocritical! I guess the truth is no one really has it figured out.

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A prominent musician who allegedly conned an international investor of over P30 000 in events money has reportedly been banned from South Africa, with threats that much harm would come to him should he attempt to cross borders.

The investor apparently worked with the musician in question on a festival over the holidays, however, the greedy musician decided to swindle his partner, which was revealed shortly after he blew the money.

The Motswana man apparently made a comic out of himself when he sobbed and begged for forgiveness, however, the man wouldn’t budge, making the threats and denying him his share from the events proceeds.

On the brighter side, being banned is better than jail time, hope you’ve learnt your lesson mate.

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