Vee cries foul

Daniel Chida

Singer’s deleted posts on ” Farouk” gets tongues wagging

Just when the storm surrounding Vee Mampeezy’s divorce from Kagiso Sento had settled, the pint-sized pop star has unleashed a lightning bolt at a certain Farouk, accusing him of destroying his life.

Taking to social media on Tuesday morning to vent his fury in a two-worded question, the 39-year-old hit-maker wrote ‘Farouk why?’ accompanying the post with emojis of a broken-heart and crying faces.

Vee followed this up four minutes later with a teasing update that read, ‘He is not dead, but soon I will tell you about how that man destroyed my life.’

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Although he later deleted the posts, they had already spread like wildfire across the internet, with speculation rife that Vee had just discovered his ex-wife had cheated on him during their eight-year marriage.

According to a source, Kagiso, 34, ‘pulled some strings’ in order for her former husband to get some business deals and sponsorships.

This included a retail giant stocking Vee’s bread ‘Africa’s Soft Bread and water, ‘Maveeta’.

Following his social media rants, The Voice received a tip off that the said Supermarket (names withheld) had called off the deal. A quick trip to the retailer’s Game City store during lunch time on Wednesday and there was not a single loaf or bottle of Vee’s products to be found on the shelves.

However, the Supermarket’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), (name withheld) distanced his business from the allegations and insisted they had not cut ties with the award winning artist-cum-businessman.

“Vee is a friend to our business, it is only that the manufacturer has not supplied us,” explained the CEO.

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However to establish that the Farouk mentioned had no association with a well known businessman, Voice journalist contacted the business Mogul for a comment and he strongly distanced himself from the Farouk that was alleged to have destroyed Vee. “ I don’t even know the said ex-wife,” was the businessman’s unequivocal response.

The tycoon further distanced himself from Vee’s business deals, explaining he did not even handle them.

Vee cries foul
DURING HAPPIER TIMES: Vee and Kagiso Sento

Meanwhile, news coming out of Maun is that Kagiso travelled to the tourist town for last month’s divorce hearing in a private aircraft, and was then transported to court in an executive car while Vee spent 12 hrs on the road, driving.

Kagiso, who has two children with Vee, is working as a social media influencer

Unfortunately, efforts to get a comment from Kagiso hit a dead end. The Voice also failed to reach Vee, who is busy with last minute preparations for his ‘Last Man Standing’ gig, set for the National Stadium this Saturday.

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