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Tsogwane calls for BDP unity

Daniel Chida

Vice President, Slumber Tsogwane has called for unity among Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members.

Tsogwane reminded the party faithful of the need for cooperation if they are realise all the promises they made in their manifesto.

Speaking during the Boteti West Constituency 2019 victory celebrations in Xhumo on Saturday, Tsogwane who is also the BDP Chairman said that many parties have been formed and have faded away, while the BDP still stands. “We need to continue to consolidate as democrats and safeguard the future of our people and the party. We will continue to create jobs in order to improve the economy of the country,” he said.

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Tsogwane who is adamant that the BDP will win the coming 2024 general elections, said: “Victory is certain for us. We will win the elections, whether they like it or not. Progress and all the best things that our country can give the people can only be done when the BDP is in government.”

He described the BDP as the only organisation in the country committed to improving the lives of the people.

Tsogwane said as stated in the party’s 2019 Election Manifesto, “Advancing together towards a more inclusive economy”, the BDP remains firm in continuing to consult Batswana in a bid to lead the country on a path to economic transformation and create sustainable jobs that will roll back the scourge of poverty.

The Boteti West legislator said the BDP-led government was well on track to delivering its promises to Batswana, a case in point being the comprehensive constitutional, legislative and policy review, which he said has been completed and availed to all Batswana to read.

He promised that his party would deliver on its promises and build a better future for the citizens of the country, adding that another glaring achievement is digitization, courtesy of SmartBots – which helps Batswana to access broadband internet and digital services through WI-FI hotspots available in all public places, including primary schools which have been connected with the Digital Kit leading to a conducive teaching and learning environment.

“Even though other things take time, but we will be able to deliver because we are the only organisation in the country, which is united and committed to improving the lives of our people,” he said.

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Still on digitization, Tsogwane said Online Business Registration System (OBRS) was launched in 2019, and currently interfaced with Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) and Omang for enhanced efficiency.

He said 50 dikgotla across the country have also been connected with WI-FI, including Satellite Communication ground station which has been completed and now receiving data from orbiting satellites and recently launched into orbit.

Another milestone for the party, Tsogwane said, is the commitment to providing all citizens with access to clean water as 98% of Botswana’s population has access to drinking water while 86% of the population have access to basic sanitation services of which majority are in urban and major villages.

“We are committed to allocating at least 100, 000 plots before the end of the current financial year, and so far, we have allocated a total of 52, 277 plots in Tribal Land for the period 1st April 2022 to 28th February 2023. This achievement is six times more than the number of plots allocated in the past two decades which averaged 8, 630 plots allocated annually. Furthermore, an additional 60, 000 plots are currently being surveyed,” Tsogwane said.

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