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Tough times for music star

Daniel Chida

Franco’s truck seized for P80k debt

Property and media mogul, Seyed Jamali has refused to be drawn into discussing the deal he had with the King of Kwasa Kwasa, Frank ‘Franco’ Lesokwane which has resulted in the seizure of the music star’s sound and equipment Truck.

Jamal is alleged to have confiscated the Hino truck after Franco of Franco and Africa Musica failed to clear an P80 000 debt he owed to Jamali from booking of the Royal Aria Stadium for Franco’s music festival, Soul Fill Up Stadium.

The show, which was held towards the end of last month did not live up to its expectation, leaving the music star swimming in debts. Although, Jamali has acknowledged that the truck was under his custody, the businessman has denied that he seized it, saying Franco was free to take it.

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However, in an interview with this publication, Franco confirmed that the truck was still under Jamali’s care because of an unpaid debt.

“I put the truck as security and since I am failing to pay, he has not released it to me,” said Franco who went on to explain that the absence of the truck was causing him to lose revenue because that is the same truck that he uses to run errands and generate income.

“Had it been here I could be managing to payback Jamali bit by bit but the little money that I make I use it to hire trucks that I use at the moment. It is tough on my side but I understand his point and I don’t want to mess our good relationship,”said Franco.

The popular musician also revealed that only his truck worth P170 000 was taken by Jamali and nothing else.

Mid last month, Franco took many by surprise by joining the ruling party. A number of other music artists such as, Chris Manto 7 Mwachisenge, Zinzele Hirschfeld and Kast Stallion also joined the ruling party and were paraded for their many fans to see.

Tough times for music star
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