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Still masking up

Sinqobile Tessa
COVERED: Uniformed officers at Defence Forces Day on Tuesday

Zimbabwe used to literally copy and paste South Africa’s policies on Covid-19 and many would joke about it – I understand there was a similar theme in Botswana as well!

We knew that a lockdown in South Africa meant the same here and that any changes made in that regard would also be enforced here.

But, this time around, the powers that be seem hell-bent on doing things differently and Zimbos are already complaining.

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South Africa long declared that wearing of masks in indoor public places was no longer mandatory as Covid-19 cases were on the decline since the majority of the population had been vaccinated.

In fact, it scrapped all Covid-related regulations and things are back to normal now.

Botswana also took a big step in this direction last week, making it optional to wear masks outdoors.

One would have presumed Zimbabwe would follow suit, but no, there is silence on the issue and we are still expected to mask up.

This is despite the fact that minimal or no cases are being recorded on a daily basis.

Some have jokingly said there are millions of masks at government warehouses and until they are all sold out, we will continue wearing masks even if it means we remain the only country in the world still doing so.

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Anything is possible in Zimbabwe so that would not come as a surprise!

In other news, Mary Mubaiwa, the troubled ex-wife of Vice President, Constatino Chiwenga, is in the news again as her health, already poor, continues to deteriorate.

It has been reported that the former model now wets herself as she no longer has the strength to go to the loo.

Mubaiwa faces charges of attempting to kill the VP while he was in hospital in South Africa in 2019.

Her trial has failed to take off due to ill health. She suffers from life-threatening lymphoedema, which causes swelling in body tissues.

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Locally, doctors have recommended amputation of one of her arms to try and relieve her of the chronic ailment.

She is unable to seek medical treatment abroad as her passport is being held by the courts as part of her bail conditions.

One would have thought the justice system would be lenient considering her condition, but no, they would rather she dies.

The reality is that Chiwenga has influence in this matter hence Mubaiwa is being denied access to her passport.

She is being ‘fixed’ for all the wrongs that she allegedly did and, even if she dies, the VP would not be bothered.

Mubaiwa might be the mother of his children but it seems that does not count for anything.

Some have said Mubaiwa deserves what she is going through considering her nasty behaviour during her days as Mrs Chiwenga but I personally think it’s wrong to kick her when she is already down.

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In happier news, cricket fans will be pleased to learn Zimbabwe followed up their T20 success with victory in the ODIs (One Day Internationals) against Bangladesh.

The Chevrons, as the local lads are nicknamed, won the first two games to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series, with the final encounter taking place in Harare on Wednesday (10 August).

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