Social media round up

Tumisang Dale Rankopo

Masisi sings to his mother

The past week saw an interesting clip of President Masisi wishing his mother a happy Mother’s Day.

This wouldn’t have been of much concern to social media revellers if not for the fact that it was done in the middle of the Btv news programme.

Many people appreciated the gesture of good wishes while others felt it was unnecessary to do so during a news broadcast.

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Social media round up
APPRECIATIVE SON: President Masisi

“Why would you use the news to send a personal message?” Asked one commenter.

While one harsh but humourous response read, “We might as well turn the news into their own reality TV show.”

Is it a sweet gesture or a bitter overreaction? You be the judge!

Bonang Matheba demands an apology

South African personality and businesswoman Bonang Matheba took matters into her own hands recently as she sued a young podcast host Rea Gopane.

Social media round up
OFFICIAL APOLOGY: Rea Gopane apologizes to Bonang Matheba

Gopane said on his podcast that Bonang introduced her former flame AKA to cocaine, which implies she indulges as well.

Matheba did not take kindly to these allegations and demanded an apology from Gopane as well as R500, 000 compensation for causing her pain and suffering.

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Gopane has released his apology statement and a video to match.

“Bonang has exposed that men are accustomed to disrespecting women without consequences. It becomes apparent in the way Bonang is expected to just let it go. Suddenly a 22-year -old man is just a kid,” said one commenter.

“People need to learn that it’s not just social media. There are repercussions for whatever is said online. Let this be a lesson to all clout chasers,” said another comment.

I believe Bonang is making an example out of the young man.

We will see how far she is willing to take it.

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The new Indian variant of Covid 19 angers Batswana

It was announced earlier this week that the dangerous Indian variant of Covid-19 has been detected in Botswana.

The strain was found in two people who travelled from India.

Social media shared their thoughts.

“I would have understood had the new variant entered Botswana from South Africa. But it arriving from people who were in India after we all knew about the new strain, & their positive tests come 16 days after they land, that is reckless,” said one commenter.

Another comment read, “And they say chill sessions are the problem, what about people travelling from Corona hotspots abroad? You won’t let people travel within the country but you let people come from India and just go about.”

The war on Covid 19 is far from over.

In the meantime, please remember to wash your hands regularly, sanitise and wear your masks.

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We’re in for a bumpy ride.

AKA and Anele saga continues

On a recent episode of the MacG podcast, it was revealed via an anonymous email that rapper AKA allegedly cheated and abused Anele Tembe during the course of their relationship.

MacG read an email from a supposed family member of Anele.

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In the email, AKA is accused of cheating on Tembe with fellow rapper and friend Da Les’ baby mother.

Social media round up
THE PLOT THICKENS: Da Les and AKA in alleged love triangle

Anele found out the news and that is what may have sent her over the edge to commit suicide according to the email.

“So it’s allegedly AKA’s fault that Nellie died. Before you sue me please remember I said allegedly and I’m broke,” said one comment.

“Poor Nellie’s spirit will never rest. To think when she was alive she hardly trended. The family wants justice but don’t want to be associated with the downfall,” said another comment.

Whether this is true or not, this story is getting messier by the week.

Ariana Grande gets married

American pop star Ariana Grande has married her fiancé Dalton Gomez in a small and secret wedding.

There were tons of congratulatory messages from her fans across the world.

However social media is usually littered with comments from bitter trolls.

One social media user took the time to tag all Ariana’s ex-lovers in the announcement post (even the deceased Mad Miller).

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Social media round up
NEWLY WEDS: Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

One commenter ranked the current and former lovers according to the level of beauty, the new husband only lands himself a 4th place spot.

Despite the little petty party, I’m sure Ariana Grande won’t be paying the negativity any attention.

Congratulations to the newlyweds.

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