Security guards in court for assault

Daniel Chida

Six Security Systems guards who allegedly assaulted a 31-year-old man, Tshepiso Rantuane of Gooshaudi ward in Gabane will know their fate next week following their appearance before a Gabane Customary Court.

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According to Security Systems Reaction Manager, Doc Ntsaga, the two parties will be meeting on Monday at Gabane Customary Court. “We are aware of the said case but since we have been summoned to the customary court, we cannot comment further on it except to confirm only. Lets give the police space to do their investigations,” said Ntsaga.

Rantuane who sells musician Franco Lesokwane’s merchandise for a living, has accused the guards of having been pompous and ready to kill on the night they assaulted him two weeks ago. “They were following footprints from a tuck-shop that a thief had broken into, but when they got lost they followed mine. Its true, I had been at that place because that is where I put some of my stuff including tins that I pick at bars.”

He said that at around 0300 hrs he heard dogs barking and when he went out to see what was happening, the guards pounced on him. “They kicked me all over and handcuffed me. I now have difficulty urinating and my eye sight has also been affected. I cannot see well and being attended by private doctors is costly. I am poor and cannot afford the costs.”

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Rantuane said that if the security company does not compensate him, he will sue them. “My reputation has been tarnished. People now want nothing to do with me and at the same time I am sick. They even failed to take me to a hospital,” he said as he fought back tears.

Rantuane’s cousin, Keneilwe, 30, shared the same sentiments saying people who have been calling him for part time jobs are no longer doing that since the incident.

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