Pumpin’ iron and hearts

Cathrine Moemedi
DONATION: Food hampers INSET: Chipuka

Fitness club feeds 23 needy families in Maun

Following their blockbuster power lifting and bodybuilding event over Easter, Infinite Fitness has flexed their muscles in community spirit by donating food hampers to 23 less fortunate families in Maun.

At a heartwarming handover ceremony at Maun Council Chambers, Infinite Fitness Director Reuben Chipuka emphasized the company’s commitment to the community beyond the gym. “As athletes dedicated to pushing our limits, we realized that true strength lies not just in lifting weights but in lifting each other up,” Chipuka stated.

The success of their Easter event inspired Infinite Fitness to channel their energy toward fighting hunger. “Each donation represents not just a meal, but a message of hope and solidarity,” Chipuka noted, adding that they plan to make this food donation initiative an annual tradition to foster a lasting legacy of compassion and generosity.

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Northwest District Council Chairman Itumeleng Kelebetseng praised the gesture, saying, “Though some may see this as a small token, it is immense before God who calls us to help one another.”

He urged other stakeholders to join the Chairman’s Fund to support the less privileged, highlighting the broader needs of the community, including decent housing.

Northwest District Council Deputy Secretary Kepalebile Horatius also expressed gratitude, “Thank you for the food hampers. They will be invaluable to the 23 beneficiaries. These donations help us as a council to fight hunger and ensure no one goes to sleep on an empty stomach.”

Infinite Fitness’s initiative proves that their strength is not just in the gym but in their hearts, setting a powerful example of community support and kindness.


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