No more river baptism

Daniel Chida

12 Apostle bans baptism in open water sources

Following the recent drowning by some church members during baptism in Tonota, Twelve Apostolic Church of Alpha (TACA) has taken a bold decision to ban all baptism activities carried out in natural and open water sources with immediate effect.

The recent tragedy at the Shashe River had stirred a profound awakening within the council, urging them to reassess their sacred rituals.

Under the watchful guidance of NHM Archbishop Paulos Aleck Makabi Dube, the council convened, their minds heavy with the weight of responsibility this week that they redefined their baptismal rites.

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According to the Church’s Chairman and Secretary to the Church Council, Masunga Masunga, no baptism within TACA shall be conducted in the perilous embrace of natural waters.

Rivers, dams, and wells, once sanctuaries of baptism, now stand as forbidden realms.

“Any member of TACA who violates this resolution shall be liable to disciplinary action according to the church constitution and the laws of the country in which such act took place.”

Masunga stated that all their branches are required to identify, source and conduct their baptisms in safe swimming pools.

He added that all these must be done with permission from the branch leader in consultation with the branch committee and the leaders with an appointed observer to ensure risks are mitigated even during swimming pool baptisms.

He also mentioned that in the rare eventuality where tradition clashed with safety, a path of discernment lay before the Executive Committee.

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“Priority and resources be put on construction of a church baptism pool/dam at church headquarters and then done in a phased approach at all branches under the Executive Committee supervision,” he said.

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