Mogalakwe survives the hammer

Bame Piet
SAFE: Mogalakwe
Just a few hours before his property was auctioned to the public, former councilor for Mosolotshane Mogalakwe Mogalakwe, reportedly managed to halt the auction by making a partial payment for his P395,000.00 legal fees.

According to a source in the Alliance for Progressives, the party leadership struck a deal with Manewe-Bogopa Attorneys that Mogalakwe should pay at least P100k quarterly, and that the party would pay the P750 total fees within a reasonable time. “Yes, on the eve of the public auction, Mogalakwe paid approximately P100.000 and it was agreed that he would pay the amount on quarterly basis – that is every three months. The total legal fees for the party was around P750 000.00 but Mogalakwe’s P395k was after taxation. Therefore, the parties agreed that AP will settle the total of P750,000.00 inclusive of the P395k,” a source told The Voice.

When contacted for comment, Busang Manewe who was representing the Botswana Democratic Party in the Election Petitions said it is against his company policy to discuss operational matters with the media, but confirmed that they have met with Mogalakwe. “Maybe it would be helpful for you to discuss the matter with Mogalakwe since he is the main player in this matter,” he said.

Mogalakwe, declined to comment when reached on his phone. “I am not well and I’m sick as we speak, so I cannot comment on this issue, there isn’t much I can discuss with you,” he said briefly before forwarding our enquiries to his attorney Faustino Nga’ndu. “Yes, I can confirm that Mr Mogalakwe made a payment to the tune of P100,000 to halt the public auction and we are still negotiating with the other parties on the way forward,” he said.

Seen by Bame Piet at Monday 4:04pm

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