Marked for death

Kabelo Dipholo

Hanging dolls, list of names and a shallow grave at Shashe River

Strolling along Shashe River on Sunday afternoon, a Borotsi resident stumbled upon a sinister sight which has left locals and the village leadership in shock.

Reluctant to state his names, the visibly shaken man found three barbie dolls hanging by their necks from a red string attached to the small trees on the river bank.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice, the softly spoken man said after this unnerving discovery he immediately went to inform Borotsi headman, Kgosi Moiteela Sebika.

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“Please don’t mention my name. I don’t want my name anywhere near this; whatever it is,” he begged, his dark eyes wide with fear.

“A lot happens around this area. Almost all the local churches perform their rituals in the river. Even individuals come here to perform their spiritual things,” continued the man, who resides close to the river.

“One local pastor who also came to view the barbie dolls said if this was a spiritual trap meant to harm people on the list, it will never work. He said for it to work it must never be found.”

The concerned man revealed his attention was caught by a white piece of paper attached to the string, and a shallow, grave-like hole dug beneath the hanging children’s toys.

Written on the piece of paper were the names of Florence Moatswi, Nchadi Joseph, MmaGladys Kula, Gabathamiwe Setlhare and Ngochi Danga.

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“The whole discovery brought an eerie feeling. I couldn’t get closer. That is when I went to see Kgosi Sebika,” he explained.

Perhaps also overawed by what he was being told, the tribal leader sought the counsel of his friend, a known spiritualist in the village, Koobonye Rankopong.

“It was a very strange discovery. We see strange things in this village,” admitted Kgosi Sebika, adding, “I couldn’t go alone that’s why I brought Rankopong along to be a witness.”

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According to the headman, on arriving at the scene, a fearless Rankopong did not hesitate and immediately went up the ridge for a closer inspection.

The Voice traced the spiritualist to his home in Borotsi on the outskirts of Tonota. He wasted no time in relating his experience with the dangling dolls.

“My first instinct was to notify the cops because clearly something was not right here. But I also knew that there was very little the police could do because their work is evidence based,” he said.

Rankopong further said his spirit was greatly troubled by the shallow grave underneath the hanging dolls.

“Whenever you see a grave, you should worry. These are trials, but it is well.”

Asked whether he was not afraid to get too close and even touch the dolls, he calmly responded, “I’ve seen worse!”

Despite being pleased to see The Voice, both Rankopong and Kgosi Sebika declined to have their photos taken.

Although the surnames on the list are common in Borotsi and around Tonota, efforts to identify the named individuals bore no fruit. Similarly, a search on social media didn’t reveal anything.

For now, it remains a mystery.

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