Man in court for taking pictures of children in police cells

Sharon Mathala

A Mogoditshane man has landed in hot soup after he was nabbed taking pictures of toddlers he alleges were in police cells.

Setlhare who reached out to The Voice after his first court appearance at Mogoditshane Customary court this Monday said that he only took the pictures because he was appalled by the sorry sight of the two toddlers incarcerated in police cells.

According to his charge sheet dated December 27, 2019 Setlhare faces two counts, one of resisting arrest and another one of common nuisance.

Explaining his arrest he said, “ I was at the Police station for a totally different matter when I asked to use the rest rooms. On my way to the rest room this is where I was met with cries from the toddlers and it really pained me.”

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“Yes, I did take out a phone to took pictures but this was all in good faith. You see it was a really sorry sight to see such young children all maybe around 4 years to be in police cages (cells),” Setlhare explained.

Acting station commander at the Mogoditshane Police station, Zacharia Tshenyego confirmed the incident to The Voice Newspaper in an interview.

“We do have such a case where a man was found taking pictures at our cells. We don’t know his motive but our officers saw him taking pictures where he was not supposed to be,” Tshenyego said.

The Police boss further explained that Setlhare was not supposed to be where he was found taking pictures at all. ” We don’t know why he was taking pictures, and I don’t know the toddlers he mentioned but the court will make a determination on that.”

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