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Magosi to submit graft evidence against Kgosi

Sharon Mathala
DISS BOSS: Peter Magosi

Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services, Brigadier Peter Magosi is this morning expected to appear before Extension Magistrate court to submit evidence that incriminates his predecessor, Isaac Kgosi, in an illegal tender case.

Magosi is expected to present before Magistrate Batho Kgerethwa, documents that include tender reference and award letters of the tenders allegedly influenced by Isaac Kgosi in favour of brothers, Kegone Sebina and Tshepo Sebina and their companies, as stated in his oral evidence given before court in February 2019.

Magosi has also been instructed by court to produce banking details including bank names, account numbers and other bank details and transactions or any other relevant information relating to money transactions that allegedly took place between the applicants and Isaac Kgosi.

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Magosi is also expected to present before court, the list of property, title deeds, lease agreements, certificates of customary land grant and any other document signifying title or interest in the properties he alleged linked Kgosi to the Sebina brothers.

The subpoena comes after the Managing Director of Estate Construction, Kegone Sebina approached the court in what he said was harassment by the DIS and the BURS.

The Sebina brothers however have since stated in court papers that they have never at any stage had any connection with Kgosi.

They state that on on May 31, 2019 BURS requested documents from Estate Construction for purposes of tax assessment.

In the request letter, BURS had wanted to be provided with company documents from 2008 to 2018, a period in excess of eight years, contrary to the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

“At the time of the request BURS had in its possession all the requested documents. All other company records or documents had been seized and confiscated on or about 18th February 2019 during a raid at the company offices by a team of state agents, which included BURS officers,” read the papers.

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The DISS boss has since made an application that the Sebina brothers were linked to Kgosi and that they may have been give certain tenders, unduly.


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