Love is blind

LOOK OF LOVE: Thapson's smile says it all

Wedding bells for blind singer who gives his heart to a younger woman

Proving that love is indeed blind and that when it comes to matters of the heart, age is nothing but a number, popular Maun based musician, Gaoabiwe Thapson has fallen head over heels for a woman 17 years his junior.

Although their romance is only months old, the blind 49-year-old folklore singer has been swept right off his feet and is planning to marry, Kediretse Goitsemang, 22.

The couple met at a family function recently, when Thapson had been booked to perform and Goitsemang was working as a temporary domestic helper.

They hit it off and have been inseparable ever since.

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“I am satisfied with what I’ve found and I am ready to marry. The only hindrance is financials but once everything is in order, I will send elders to Nxamasere to ask for her hand in marriage,” declared a loved-up Thapson.

Speaking to The Voice this week, the versatile muso, who is also a terrific Gospel singer, revealed he is organising a fundraising walk on 1st April to raise money for a sound system.

“That will help improve my musical career and returns. That way I can find the money to pay bride price and be able to take very good care of my family, that is being a breadwinner that every man ought to be,” added Thapson, who lost his eyesight at the age of four following a bout of measles.

Left completely blind, he has learnt to do things on his own the hard way, including finding love.

The jolly character, who remains remarkably upbeat considering the cards he was dealt, has two daughters but never married their mother as the relationship fizzled out.

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“I have quotations for the music system and I tell you, it does not come cheap. The cheapest I got is P33, 000 and the other is P38, 000 going up, but I really need this. Gigs hardly come by these days, everybody is seemingly broke! But I believe with it, things can open up because I can also put it up for hire even if I do not go out to perform in person,” continued the struggling artist.

Thapson hopes the sponsored walk, being put together with the help of Moeti ward Herdman of Arbitration, Kgosi Lelathego, will attract the support of both local and international musicians and indeed the nation at large.

“This is not only about me. You will recall that I recently founded a society for people with physical disability, ‘Re a dira society’; this will help them as well. The intention is to ultimately form a band as there is a lot of talent in this group,” he concluded, a trademark smile splashed across his facial features.

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Asked about the relationship, the age gap and wedding bells, Goitsemang said that in her fiancé, she found the best love all women can dream of.

“When we met and chatted I realized he was a very loving and honest person and all I ever dreamt of was to be treated like a queen, with love and no abuse or violence. He is mature and I am content with him. We may be struggling financially, but we trust God and he is providing for us. We do not have everything we need but we are not begging and we are happy and that is all that matters,” insists the well-spoken young lady.

Currently unemployed, Goitsemang is looking for work so she can help her husband-to-be.

“Any job, including being a house helper, will do because the previous job I had was only a temporary arrangement,” says Goitsemang, gazing at her fiancé with fierce devotion.

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