Khama accused of meddling in BDP affairs

Daniel Chida

It’s untrue-Khama

Aspiring Secretary General for Botswana Democratic Party, Alfred Madigele and his campaign team known as Team Zoza have allegedly turned down a shot in the arm from former President Ian Khama.

The former Minister of Health and Wellness who lost his constituency to Edwin Dikoloti during the party’s primary elections (Bulela Ditswe) was apparently offered a monetary gift by Khama as campaign sponsorship.

A reliable source from Botswana Patriot Front (BPF) has claimed that the patriot of BPF was still very much interested in the affairs of the ruling party and he wanted to sponsor Madigele’s campaign for the SG position so he could then use him to infiltrate BDP.

“Madigele is likely to be up against the financial muscle of Lesang Magang and Boyce Sebetela and the Khama offer could have boosted his campaign but he turned us down. Coming up against such names is going to cost him a lot,” said the worried source that didn’t rule out chances of sponsoring other weaker candidates for BDP Central Party positions at the elective congress.

When contacted for a comment, Madigele confirmed that he was indeed approached by Khama.
“Myself and my team declined some assistance, which was rendered by people whose agenda was not known. However I am a principled person whose aim is to unite the party, revive structures as well as solidifying the party and government mandate, it is not money based,” said the former minister of Health and Wellness.

He then refused to go further with details saying the focus for now was on fighting COVID 19 and not politics. “Why do we have to accept an offer from outside, it means there is a sinister motive behind it. What we want to see is a united BDP not the one controlled by outsiders and people who defy the President,” said a Gaborone City Councillor who claims to have been part of the team that refused to accept Khama’s offer.

When contacted, Khama dismissed the allegations as far-fetched and untrue. “I have not been in contact with Madigele for over a year. I was not even aware that he is contesting for any position until you asked me that question,” said the BPF patron who went on to add that he has absolutely nothing to do with the BDP.

BPF Secretary General, Roseline Panzirah Matshome also dismissed the allegations as utter nonsense. “People must stop seeking relevance by using Khama’s name,” she warned

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