Jobs will come, but we’re not sure about the numbers- BDP

Daniel Chida

Government is still clueless about the exact number of jobs to be created from the Trans Frontier Conservative Area (TFCA) project which involves three countries, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

When responding to a question by Member of Parliament for Bobonong- Taolo Lucas this week, Minister of Environment, Natural Resources Conservative and Tourism, Philda Keoreng said the project presents great opportunities for employment.

She said ongoing projects such as the rolling out of the Commodity Based Trade in beef and the erection of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve fence will create employment. “SADC TFCA Network is intending to have TFCA Trail Map which will facilitate marketing of our tourism products thereby creating more employment.”

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She said that one of the objectives of the TFCA is to promote alliances in the management of biological natural resources and cultural heritage resources by encouraging social, economic and other partnerships among the parties and stakeholders.

She mentioned that the project was a mammoth task which cannot have a time frame of when it will be completed.

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