Hunger and handcuffs

Leungo Mokgwathi
LOCKED UP: Monalisa Yotamu

A hungry woman caught stealing beef stew from Spar will dine in on prison food for the next week after G West Customary Court ordered she be locked up while awaiting sentencing.

It was a decision that caused 47-year-old Zimbabwean, Monalisa Yotamu to let out a howl of anguish before breaking down in a flood of tears and burying her head in her hands in disbelief.

The Bontleng resident, who turned up for Wednesday’s hearing on crutches, is accused of trying to steal P134 worth of beef stew from Pula Spar in Gaborone’s Block 6 location on 9th February.

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Yotamu was reportedly caught red handed with the meat and taken to the police, who then presented the matter before court.

Presiding over the matter, Kgosi Arnold Somolekae set the trial for next Tuesday (21 February).

However, as the suspect prepared to leave the stand, the officer in charge of the case suggested it might be wise to keep her in police custody until then, noting that as a foreigner, Yotuma was a potential flight risk.

Sobbing hysterically when the Chief agreed, she hobbled miserably out of court to be led away to jail, where she will remain until next week’s sentencing.