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Help pours in for unpaid guard

Daniel Chida

On Wednesday morning (Jan 24, 2024) , employees of Central Transport Office (CTO) at CBD found themselves loitering outside during working hours after a disgruntled security guard had locked their offices in protest for non payment.

The aggrieved, Baleseng Tsheko of Ultimate Security demanded his three months payment which was withheld by his employers.

He was later whisked away by the police.

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However, the public stood in solidarity with Tsheko with some pledging financial support.

Below are social media comments of some of the popular figures in Botswana who stood with Tsheko during his time of need.

Setlhomo Raymond Tshwanelang

I am behind you young man.

If you don’t stand up for your rights who will? Please share the names and contacts of this gent so we can bless him.

It won’t be much it should cover his toiletry.

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I’m rallying behind you.

I used to be one of those who lock University of Botswana classrooms when our allowances were not credited on time , yet the credit was supposed to be done by DTEF not UB.

You are free to protest at your place of work.

He has every right to protest there at his place of work or where he is stationed.

It is immaterial as to who contracted him or who is supposed to pay him.

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What is relevant is that he is an employee at those buildings? He works there under a different company.

I support him because what he did has exposed how security companies abuse our siblings.

It has sent a direct message to all.

I stand by him.

I am also happy he did not resort to violence.

His did what we call peaceful protest.

I would do the same if tables were to turn.

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Please lets encourage our friends who run these companies to pay employees.

Rayon FX Goat

I just came across some headlines about this young man.

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He knows what he wants and he is not a coward nor a bootlicker, therefore I pledge to give him something from my heart to help him come out from the situation that he finds himself in.

Mpho Wadisubaru Nyakale

He needs to be supported this one and I pledge P500 to him.

You may find that he is having a hard time with the landlord because of unpaid rentals and also hungry with no food in the house. Who is with me on this one?

Bontle Jwa Batswana (BJB)

Count me in.

Djay Ex’too Bw

I’m with you.

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