Hacked to death with an axe


*Drunken brawl ends in brutal death

What started as a relaxing Monday afternoon outing at a drinking depot in Talebale cattlepost ended in a blood bath when a drunken argument spiralled violently out of control.

As fellow drinkers watched on in horror, 43-year-old Mosimanegape Ledimo is said to have hacked his neighbour, Modiri Mpela, 23, to death with an axe, repeatedly sinking his weapon into the younger man’s body.

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According to reports, the duo had been drinking together in the remote Kweneng District settlement when they started arguing about women.

“Mpela realised the other man was getting very angry and so decided to leave as he wanted to avoid a fight,” explained a police source, adding that before he left, Mpela asked for his memory stick, which was being used to play music.

“However, Ledimo refused with the memory stick and so Mpela slapped him. The older man retaliated by tearing off Mpela’s shirt,” continued the source.

The dispute quickly escalated as Mpela reportedly grabbed a rake and smashed his drinking buddy on the hand.

Fuelled by alcohol, anger and pain, Ledimo allegedly responded by hitting his assailant on the back of the neck with the handle of an axe.

“Mpela collapsed but Ledimo continued chopping him all over the body before he jumped on him several times,” claimed the source.

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Looking frail and extremely nervous, the suspect, who is originally from Ngware village, appeared before Molepolole Magistrates Court this week.

Pleading for bail, Ledimo told court he was not well and required immediate medical attention.

“I am sick, I vomit blood and have pains on the waist. May I be taken to the hospital?” begged the mild-mannered accused murderer.

Taking the stand for the prosecution, Sojwe Police Station Commander, Kitsiso Lemogang argued that Ledimo should remain on remand, especially as his officers are yet to record witness statements.

“We are worried that if he gets bail, the suspect will interfere with the witnesses,” stressed the top cop, adding Ledimo’s girlfriend is also suspected to have witnessed the incident.

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Superintendent Lemogang further informed the court the accused has already been to hospital and was provided with medication.

Ledimo admitted this was true but claimed the medicine had failed to make him better.

In the end, Chief Magistrate Goabaone Rammapudi-Lesedi ruled that he be taken to hospital and then remanded in custody until his next court appearance, set for February 17.

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