Grooving in the Ghetto

Mampala to release 3rd album

She started off as traditional artist, releasing her debut album in 2009.

The 29 year old Semitwe native Mampala (Gontse Kennekae) however later changed genres and released a six track House Kwasa album ‘Menateng’ recorded at MJoe Records.

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The artist is currently working on her third album and has already dropped two singles ‘Tsa lefatshe’ and ‘Monnawe’, all produced by MJoe.

It is a very competitive genre dominated by the likes Slizer, Madala vs Kelly Jess, Mlesho and even the legendary Vee Mampeezy. Mampala definitely has her work cut out for her.

Rating: 5 out of 10.

Cana’S Lies

Rapper Cana (Thato Junior Ncana) has released his second single titled Lies.

The song recorded at Control Studios in Tutume features Gdrick and Eng Derrick BW.

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It is the second single following the release of Illusion early this year.

Cana who recently opened a multimedia studio in Tutume offering photography, graphic designing, t-shirt printing and recording studio is also working on releasing an EP titled New born on the 26th of July.

“The EP will be dedicated to my first niece and will be available on SoundCloud and can also be downloaded from my page.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Cana'S Lies

The Ghetto Anthem

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It takes guts to release a song and name it after Francistown, or worse declare it a Ghetto Anthem.

First you must have the charisma and the talent to match. When the self declared Mayor of the City, Apollo D and The God MC, Bicko G said it, many heads nodded in agreement.

In comes Makerminator who has just released a single ‘Banana ba Ghetto’.

It’s a party song with traces of Amapiano DNA produced by DJ Split and Jay Black.

Makerminator has declared the song a Ghetto anthem.

I’ll give him two points for singing in his native Kalanga language, but as for it being an anthem, the jury is still out.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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The Ghetto Anthem
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