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Daniel Chida

BNF loses a fearless fighter

Owe Mmolawa’s recent decision to resign from his longstanding affiliation with the Botswana National Front (BNF) has sent shockwaves through the political landscape.

Owe, as Mmolawa is popularly known in the political arena, has been a dedicated BNF cadre who tirelessly advocated for the BNF and staunchly defended it against detractors on social media.

His exit followed that of the former Member of Parliament for Mahalapye east, Yandani Boko who resigned a few weeks ago from the same movement.

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Owe served in BNF structures as an additional member at Paul Rantao Region in Gaborone and also as a member of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) Communications and Strategy Committee.

Speculation is rife regarding his next move, with allegations swirling that he may be poised to join the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, where his uncle, Slumber Tsogwane is the Chairman as well as the Vice President of the country.

The Voice staffer, DANIEL CHIDA speaks to the former member of the controversial, Fear Fokol activism movement, which was known for undying loyalty to BNF, Umbrella for Democratic Change and President Duma Boko.

What prompted your decision to resign from your long-time position?

The decision was prompted by a strenuous evaluation of the activism I had given politics from a young age and for 13 years.

The evaluation of the activism led me to a professional development and career pathway.

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I have given my all to activism, I ran out of stamina and energy.

It was time to seek a new pathway to recharge my batteries.

How do you feel about resigning from a party you defended and worked hard for?

Honestly, I leave with no regrets.

I have served the organisation at various structures and grew my political acumen under its ambit.

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I learnt a lot, gave a lot, and carry valuable lessons into the future and a different pathway.

A new crop will emerge to take the baton; it is the nature of the universe.

What were the main factors that influenced your decision to resign?

The main factor that influenced my decision to resign was purely personal and influenced by the resolve to venture into a different pathway away from political activism.

I honestly enjoy the pathway of advancing myself around issues of sports and entrepreneurship.

It was a decision of personal advancement, and such times require only a man himself to take charge.

Did you have any concerns or doubts before resigning from your position?

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I have no concerns or qualms about anything.

Just concerns about advancing my career and the challenges that comes with it.

What are your plans or aspirations moving forward?

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My plans going forward are to give more attention to my young life, advance around areas related and linked to my career.

All in all, find the niche in sport administration and entrepreneurship.

How do you envision your future career path now that you’ve resigned?

I envision myself joining hands and efforts with fellow professionals around sport to make it a viable tool for employment creation and help develop sport on issues of revenue generation.

Reflecting on your experience, what lessons have you learned from resigning from your long-time position?

There are so many lessons to take from my experience in politics.

Above all I have learnt the social structure and behaviour of people, which is vital and relevant across many fields.

I learnt the power of knowledge.

Are there any particular challenges you anticipate facing as you navigate this career change?

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I anticipate the link and hate of my previous engagement in politics to follow me for some time, but it will eventually fade away.

Did your uncle who is the VP have an influence in your decision?

There was no influence on the decision, he gives everyone around him the power to cultivate their pathways, but he just gives parental love and support when required, however, on this one he was not even aware.

People are leaving the BNF, not just ordinary members but those in positions and foot soldiers, what is the problem?

I have no comment or the diagnosis of your observation.

I can only wish them well in their future undertakings.

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