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AoJ is broke- Chief Justice

*Contributes to slow down of trials
*Courts can’t even make photocopies

WE'RE BROKE: Terrence Rannowane (CJ)

Chief Justice, Terrence Rannowane, has confirmed that the Judiciary is in a financial crisis and unable to run the courts efficiently, something which has a serious bearing on delivery of justice, hence the theme “An under resourced Judiciary – an impediment to Justice”.

“Lack of sufficient funding hampers delivery of justice and if truth is to be told, we have in fact reached a point of crisis. We are in short, on a precarious financial footing. As a result of inadequate funding, we have since August 2022 to date, not been able to pay pro-deo fees, pay witnesses, effect transfers of office...

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*State struggling to transport witnesses to Courts *Provision of food for witnesses also affected *Situation can only be rescued by a Supplementary budget


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